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Anastasia began her career in the film industry training as a Script and Continuity Supervisor in Los Angeles with Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers. 

She continues to work extensively as a Script Supervisor and recently served as Script and Continuity Supervisor on Writer/Director Sheryl Glubok's LILY ‘N’ ROSE among other projects. Additional credits include work with Netflix, High Noon Entertainment, and ABC. 

“Anastasia is a creative force of nature. Her contributions to our film, Lily 'N' Rose, were invaluable from our pre-production story meeting where she asked questions that helped us foresee issues we could address before we were in the throes of shooting to her sharp gaze for continuity and detailed production notes that set us up for a smooth transition into post. Anastasia's integrity and passion for storytelling make her a tremendous asset to any set, and frankly I can't imagine making a film without her.” — Sheryl Glubok, Writer/Director/Producer, Lily 'N’ Rose

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